Random Sites/Software that I enjoy in my free time.

Oldnet Search Engine: Wiby.

Increases the quality on any image. (Especially Anime): Waifu2x.

Collection of Freeware and Shareware: MajorGeeks.

Forum for P2P software such as LimeWire/Making old p2p software work in 2020: Gnutella Forums.

Reviving AIM in 2020, useable as of 4/5/20: AIM.

Favorite internet browser, highly customizable: Palemoon.

Inspiring news stories/articles: GoodNewsNetwork.

Mario ROM Hacks: SMWCentral.

Researching active Phone Scams with live working telephone numbers: Scammer.info.

Doom WADs and other things: Doomworld.

Huge collection of Imageboard music: these posts on plus4chan.

Dead imageboard website that was great in it's glory days, go revive it!: 7chan.

My personal (free) usenet provider: Eternal September SABnzbd.

Internet Chess Club: ICC.

Torrent client that you can also use as a torrent search engine: Frostwire.

Extract audio from any CD: AudioGrabber.

Large collection of software to customize most versions of Windows: Winaero.

Free Anime dubs, subs, music, OST, instrumentals, screensavers, icons, etc...: Nyaa.si.

Reviving old versions of Windows messenger, hundreds online daily: Escargot.

More to come.