Rant - 4/9/2020 - n00bs

This whole new wave of retards and people pretending to know what the fuck they're talking about is getting on my nerves. What really inspired me to write this gay little column on this subject originates from a YouTube channel that I used to watch in my spare time. Actually, two channels, rogueamp and danooct1, which reviewed different malware and classic examples of malware. Rogueamp was known mostly for his newer malware review and dan known for his older malware review. Anyways, what sparked this was the comment section on the videos of SomeOrdinaryGamer's "virus" review videos. I mean, I like the guy and all, and he has a sense of what he's talking about, but his followers are fucking braindead. I was lookin the comments and some unfunny hack commented some shit like, "scammer: infects computer with malware. Me, using a virtual machine: ok." like dude, shut the fuck up. The only reason you know what a virtual machine even looks like is because you saw some fucking popular youtuber set one up and thought it was a "cool" idea to use one. Come the fuck on man, honestly, if the internet weren't as user friendly and everyone had to rely on ACTUAL FUCKING knowledge of computers, all of these fucking kids wouldn't know what the fuck to do without their user-friendly buttons and youtube tutorials. Fucking retards. Tell you what, man, set up a usenet account and download some pirated shit for me. I bet you couldn't, because "Oh, that's what old boomers use! haha! i know fuck-all about computers look at me its so funny!" shut the fuck up, go back to discord you cocksucking faggot. I'm so fucking sick of people talking about shit they know nothing about, fuck you if you do that shit man. And then it'll be, "HAHA HE'S MAD HE'S MAD HE'S MAD!!1!1" like no fucking shit retard, you're constantly shitting on something or promoting something THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF. How fucking retarded can somebody be? I swear, discord and reddit fucking ruined the internet, along with Apple. Smartphones and the over-simplification of the use of the internet fucking killed it, you fucking dickheads. HURR DURR PRESS THE USAR FREENDLY BUTTONS!! :DDD like fuck off man, seriously.